Friday, March 20, 2009

Item: P04

Item : JLo Live (100ml)

Description: The top notes bring the harmony of Sicilian lemon, bergamot and pineapple. The heart, full of rhythm, unites the notes of red currant, peony and violet. The sweet and warm base reveals sandalwood, Tonka bean and caramel. (credit to fragnantica)

Reason for let go: To make it short, this perfume smell nice, but it juz not so,dats y i'll let it go...

Condition: up to 90% filled (100ml), maybe more as i use it twice.

Selling price : RM140

Please add RM7 for delievery.

Item: P03

Item : Sexy Graffiti (for women) 30ml
Description : The top notes bring you joy of spring, wild strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. The heart is veiled with floral notes of sweet, powdery violet, delicate, fresh and green lily-of-the-valley and lily, with intense, but also sweet red peony. The base is gentle, powdery soft, made of cashmere, vanilla and musk (credit to
Reason for let go : I smell it good on 1 of my friend, unfortunately, not smell so nice when i spayed on myself...It's soooo sweet, i guess i'm not sweet enough,that's why i couldn't wear it =p
Condition: up to 90% full (30ml), use it twice
Selling price: RM70
Please add RM7 for delievery

Item : P02 (this is brand new, will come with a box)

Item : Surreal Garden by Avon (50ml) - up to 99% filled

Description : Surreal Garden by Avon is a chypre floral fragrance for women. Surreal Garden is a new fragrance and it was introduced in 2007. The fragrance features lotus and patchouli. (credit to

Reason of let go: I bought this perfume some when in last year, and I could hardly remember that i bought this perfume... until i do some house keeping and found it. As i already have a few perfume, so i think the best thing is to let it go....

Condition: Brand new, never been used,99% full

Original price : almost RM60
Selling price: RM30

Please add RM7 for delievery

Item: P01

Item : Davidoff Cool Water Game (100ml) , 90% filled
Description: Beatrice Piquet, as creator of the Game fragrance, enriched and refreshed the top notes of this joyful sea breeze with fragrancy notes of Granny Smith apple and sparkling, fresh lemon. The fragrance develops into sensual notes of the frozen heart filled with exotic fruit, softened by an aquatic bouquet of lotus and freesia. The base contains cedar, sandalwood and amber. When you put this perfume on your skin, you will feel like wrapped in moist clothes. (credit to
Reason to let go: I bought this after read a lot of positive comment. But unfortunately,it seems to be have no chemistry with my body heat (and sweat for sure), so I really don't use it anymore.
Condition: up to 90% filled( i think maybe more as I only used once or twice)
Selling price: RM100
Please add RM7 for delievery

Ladies and Gentleman...

I have a few stuff to let go, especially books,perfumes and handbags...

I'll update from time to time...

Some of them I'd worn 1 or twice, and some of them I don't even used yet...

Most of them I bought via online, so, when i received them, it just not so me, so i think better i let it go....

All the perfume and handbags are authentic, unless i stated vice versa (so far,all of them are authentic)....

Don't hesitate to ask me if u r interested in those items...